The history of the castle is rich in important historical events, but also in invaders’ attacks, tormented periods, and lineages’ troubled ownerships.
Only in recent years the current owners have taken over and yet completed a functional restoration for internal and external spaces, along with several works to enhance the park and its vegetation .
Still, a lot could be done; and above all, the St. Egidio Chapel.
A photographic documentation, dating early 1900, shows the Chapel’s plastered facades painted with the frescos Madonna del Latte and part of a St. Christopher.
At first sight, the chapel seems simple and lean, with irregular walls covered by different plaster layers.
However, a closer look may reveal large portions of a fresco decoration attributable to at least two different decorative cycles, performed between the XII and the XV century.
The Chapel’s wonder is yet to be revealed.
An anticipation of what might be discovered with a recovery intervention is represented by the only visible portion of a fresco portraying the Holy Margareth, Cecilia and Liberata with two children in swaddling clothes: San Gervasio and San Protasio. Large and profitable studies held through the years have confirmed that the Sant’Egidio Chapel is a monument still to discover.
To complete the restoration of this extraordinary heritage, which dates back to 1200, the actual owners are seeking for support. This jewel’s recovery may bring incredible results.
If you’re interested in supporting the discovery and the enhancement of this hidden beauty, please write for further informations.
Closely watch the frescoes here: